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NOTE: For Weekly Forum posts see these instructions. The instructions below are for posting project papers and your DHPR.

(EB: Thanks to Dr. Leah Hurst for writing these instructions!)

-First: Make sure you are logged in to the CUNY Academic Commons (top right of your screen)

-If you’re not there already, navigate to our Course Site (https://eng295.commons.gc.cuny.edu/)

-Next hover your mouse over +New at the top of the page and click on “Post” in the menu that drops down. You will now be in a Post Editor page where you can write your blog, add media such as photos or videos, and set categories and tags for your blog post.

-I recommend that you write your post in Word or another word processing software and then copy / paste it into the post editor page. You *can* write directly into the post editor, but if something goes wrong, you may lose your work.

-As you’re writing, you can save your draft or view the post as a preview using the buttons under the “PUBLISH” box.

Adding LINKS to outside websites: click the link button () in the text editor area just below your post’s title, and copy / paste the entire link (including https://) in the blank provided.

Adding IMAGES or VIDEOS: click the Add Media button () in the text editor area just below your post’s title. You may upload photos or videos that are saved onto your computer or from another website.

*For videos from YouTube, choose “Insert from URL” in the Add Media page, and copy / paste the link for the video. You can find the video link when you click on “Share” just below the video itself.

For videos, too, you must give credit to the person who created the video, and if you’re providing a trailer to a movie or a TV show, it’s best to find the “official” version created by the director or production company.

Choose a CATEGORY: this will most always be “blogs” and the name of the specific post for that week (e.g. “dead technologies”)

Add a FEATURED IMAGE: this will be in the box that previews your post on our site. It’s the very last box on the bottom right. You can choose an existing image or UPLOAD your own. Try searching on Google for “technology,” or something else appropriate to the topic of your post. Make sure you’re searching for images with reproduction rights

gimages search

-AFTER all of this, you can Save your Draft, Preview the post, or Publish. I recommend that you always Preview before hitting Publish, and remember, once you hit publish, all members of the course will be able to read your work.

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