Forum Instructions

Every week, you will use the online segment of this course to post short threads (app. 200-250 words) evaluating assigned readings, tools, or websites.  We will use forums as an online discussion board. You’re required to post a least one topic  a week and respond to at least 4 comments by your peers.

How to manage forums:

  1. Go to forums. Find the correct thread for that week (week 1, 2, etc)
  2. Inside each week, post a topic analyzing one or more of our readings. Your post should be about 200-250 words long and end with a (thoughtful, generative) question for your peers to answer. These topic posts are due before midnight every Sunday unless otherwise stated in the syllabus. You can add tags like “Whitney” or “Visualizations” to help us identify common threads in the posts.

3. Before midnight on Mondays, visit at least 4 topics posted by your peers and engage in discussion. Try to answer the questions, make an observation on their argument, draw connections they didn’t see, or ask a question of your own. You’re only required to post 4 of these, but I encourage you to go father, keep discussions alive, and push your peers to think about unexpected perspectives. Comments lacking substance (e.g.” I agree!” followed by reiteration of their point; or “Great work! You really understood this well”) will not earn any marks.


topic link

Click on the topic title to read the person’s post and reply


how to reply

Type your reply. You can also add tags and get notified when someone replies. Don’t forget to hit submit!


  • We will complete 10 weeks of forums throughout the term. Each (substantial, argumentative) topic post is worth 10 points and comments are worth 8 (2 per substantial comment). You cannot make up for missed posts but you can help your grade by replying more often and to more peers.


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