DH Projects Review

These presentations will give us an opportunity to explore some of the many facets that encompass the broad field of Digital Humanities.

Sign up for a presentation date and topic before Sunday, September 10 (teams of two). Presentations (60 points) should last between 10-15 minutes and provide:

  • Overview of the topic (what is it? When did it start, if we know? What is its purpose?)
  • A demo of one or two resources that use this method
  • An explanation of what this approach helps us do that traditional (analog) approaches can’t

You don’t need to use Powerpoint, but of course a digital component (Prezi, Commons Page, Google Slides, YouTube) is encouraged.

In addition to your group presentation, each of you should post on our course site an individually written 2-page critical evaluation (40 points) of a project (see some links in sign-up page on GDocs). It can be the same project you demoed in class, but each of you must write about a different project. Consider the following:

  • What’s the title of the project, and who developed it? Where is it hosted?
  • What does this project aim to accomplish? Is it successful? Why/why not?
  • What is the target audience for this project? How can you tell?
  • Can you notice ways in which this project might be biased, framing information in a specific ways, or overlooking important details? Does it limit the kinds of research we can do or ideas we can come up with?
  • To whom would you recommend this project?

Post your evaluation as a “post” (not a page) and select the category “DH Project Reviews.” Evaluations are due before midnight the Tuesday your group presents.

On the week of your presentation you do not have to submit a forum post (but you can if you fell behind).

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