Final Reflections, Lecture Notes

December 18

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Our DH…

Digital Humanities works to understand humans while working to make humans work together (Jessica)

Digital humanities to me, means discovery. My initial definition of it included technology and the web, but I have since gained a deeper understanding of it, that includes innovation and change. It involves new, creative ways of learning. (Jazmine)

There are a few key words I have come to associate with digital humanities: critique, collaboration, equity, and open resource or open source (Tuka)

In my opinion, Digital Humanities is the the study of the use of applying computer tools and methods to literature, history and philosophy, to try to understand a society’s culture (Claudia)

 DH brings coding and humans together by taking on a humanistic project or approach. For example, you can teach someone to code through DH or bring narratives of those who are in the communication technology major and share ideas (Sanjida)

It’s also ruined some websites like Netflix for me, because I remember how Netflix is constantly collecting my data. …. It made me about tech and the “human” aspect of tech, and how it just affects us as people. It’s made me somewhat worried about what the future will be like. (Marc)

Digital Humanities is to find new ways of doing analysis of any topic that involve collaborative and computationally engaged research and teaching. It brings digital tools and methods to the study of the humanities with the recognition that the printed word is no longer the main medium for knowledge production and distribution (Mahim)

  • Many/all of us: unsure of there is a limit to the field. Perhaps not? As long as there is deliberate inquiry and critique, that is!

Publish your reflections on the website as a post before midnight tonight. If you need to update the link to your project (beyond the one I have on GDocs from peer reviews), post it below.

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