December 4


I explored #blackdh on twitter.  I choose to look at the account called Colored Conventions. This account is geared towards African Americans and DH. Most of the tweets does not seem to gear towards one particular subject within the African American community. Most of the tweets seem to just raise awareness of current and archival events. There are also some posts here and there about readings . This one particular tweet was what I found most interesting. It is a list of books that depicts African American History. Most of African American History was left out of our history books due to racism and I love the fact that someone put a collection of this sort together.  Down below is the link to that article



Project 3 is frustrating and irritating me. I’m not sure if its because I’m not used to the platform of story maps or if I’m not skilled enough in final cut pro to edit and share the story I want. I feel like I need to get away like one of those writers who goes away to some remote location just to be alone and get to work. Maybe because I have so much other projects to do I am afraid that I will fall short and not produce the work I know I can produce. I am looking forward to the peer review. I am excited to see other people’s work and how creative they are with story maps. I pray I get time to research the platform more so that I can get it to perform in the way I want it to.



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