Lecture Notes, peer review

Online Peer Review

Peer review is the rigorous evaluation of scientific work by others.

This week your aim is to provide some feedback to your peers on their work in progress. Some basic instructions:

  1. Use the list below to identify your peer review group.
  2. Visit the appropriate Google Doc to read through the peer review rubric (below).
  3. Post a link to your project inside the Google Doc for your group. Make sure your project is accessible without a password or contact your peer (you can use “send email” on BB) with login information. Your peers and your instructor must be able to access your work. Your project should have at least 3 posts ready and be fully designed. In order to ensure everyone has time to review all projects, please post your link no later than 5pm Tuesday, December 11.
  4. Answer the questions thoughtfully and respectfully. Aim to give your peers detailed and specific feedback.
  5. Repeat the same process for each of your peers. If someone didn’t post their work or complete the assignment, find another person to review.
You have until noon on Wednesday, December 12 to complete all your reviews. I will also leave comments on your work by the end of the day on Wednesday. Final versions of digital projects are due by 6pm on Tuesday, December 18. Presentations will count as the final exam (18 points).

Peer Review groups (click on group to access Google Docs)

Group 1: Marc, Sandija, Akintunde, Tuka

Group 2: Sara, Jazmine, Mahim, Candace

Group 3: Jessica, Steve, Tracey, Anna

Group 4: Arlene, Fiifi, Claudia + one of the people above (your choice–everyone must evaluate 3 peers; use their GDoc to post your review)

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