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December 4

December 4th – Online Assignment

  1.   I explored the hashtag #transformDH, and I’ve came to the conclusion that this seems to be a big movement that is going on. As I explore the popularity of the hashtag, it seems like this hashtag focuses on the study of DH becoming more on the feminine side, and more females are getting involved in the field of study.  Amanda E. Strauss tweeted this. 

Christine B tweeting about her first major accomplishment while studying DH.

Another hashtag I explored that I thought goes hand in hand with #transformDH is #blackdh.  I feel like they’re trying to have black culture more involved in the study of Digital Humanities, and that’s considered apart of transforming DH.  It seems like they’re making this sort of like a “black power” kind of thing, which involves black people studying Digital Humanities, black people’s accomplishments and involvement in DH, and the study of the black community in general. Given what I’ve learn, I’ll say that important and popular topics discussed in Digital Humanities is, cultural, political, and social topics.


2.       For Project 3, I’ve managed to have 2 entries for my story map so far, I have at least 3 more to go. For my project, I’ve decided to document to most important events/places in my life, and explain why it’s so significant to me.  So far I haven’t faced any challenges while doing this project, but let me not speak so soon (LOL). The story map that I chose to represent my project was the Map Journal. I felt like this was the best fit out of all of my options because you get to see a picture of the location, and a description on why it’s so important to me, most importantly, it looks creative. So far, I think this project is going to be the most fun and interesting to do because it’s something that I enjoy. On my peer review, I would like to have feedback mostly on my content, organization and creativity.

3.    The article Bloomsbury Undergraduate DH Manifesto, is about students emphasizing the study of Digital Humanities, explains, and gives benefits on why it should be taught more to undergraduates. I completely agree with this article because they make valid points throughout the whole context. Technology is rapidly enhancing over time, and they mention that technology needs to be mixed in with learning today’s practices, which is completely true. They also mention a point about how the “immigrants to this age”, still takes responsibility to the meaning of what defines DH, and that needs to change because the natives needs to bring a new perspective to the table. Those are the two points that I like about this article.

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