December 4

December 4

In lieu of today’s in-person meeting, please complete the two exercises below by 8pm today, December 4. Create a post and use the category “December 4” and include answers to all three exercises in that post. Next week we will work on peer reviews, and these will also be completed online. Visit the page Online Peer Review to see your assigned peers and a list of questions you will be required to answer. All posts will be due before midnight on Tuesday, December 11. After peer review has been completed, I will also comment on project drafts.

  1. Visit Twitter and explore one of the following accounts or hashtags. Write a short (100-200 words) summary of the account/hashtag explaining what topics it usually addresses, how active it seems to be, and copy two sample tweets you think best summarize it. When you’re done, browse through some of the other options listed here. Given what you learned, what would you say are some popular or important topics in Digital Humanities right now?

2. Write a short update on your Project 3, discussing:

  1. What have you managed to do so far? What is left to go?
  2. What are some unexpected challenges you have been facing? How are you coping with these?
  3. Regarding your chosen platform: had you used it before? What has been your experience preparing the digital component of the project? How do you see it as working for your project so far?
  4. What do you hope to get from peer review? That is, what would you like your peers to focus on for their feedback?

3. As prep for the final exam, read the Bloomsbury Undergraduate DH Manifesto. What do you like most about it? Are there things with which you disagree? What other ideas or points would you add to it?

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