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December 4


The Irony in me choosing Hastac is that I presenting on that next week for this class. Hastac has its own site that focuses on innovating ways of learning and researching. The account seems to very active and  constantly tweeting events and learning opportunities.

The account seems to constantly promote jobs, community events and other wonderful opportunities. #BlackDH is as well shedding light to conferences happening as well as people showing their support of #blackDH. Most of the accounts and hashtags seem to very active except DH2018 Mexico city which hasn’t been active since June. BlackDH may not be the most popular topic but I seen two tweets with picture of black women with their child presenting. I felt that to be the most interesting thing I perused. Not to sure what it had to do with BlackDH but it caught my attention.

So far for my project 3 I will be doing my first recording this Thursday and I will have photos of the location I am speaking about on Thursday as well. I have to put everything together. I will presented my project on google maps as well as doing a podcast. The hardest part of all this is getting the people I need to all sit down and talk to. The reason the first recording for the podcast hasn’t been done yet is because the studio engineer wasn’t around. He comes back tomorrow and everyone will hopefully be free Thursday. I used google maps once before thanks to this course and as well as soundcloud mainly cause I love music. The biggest struggle I have is to look exactly how it is in my head. I feel like my explanation alone won’t reach my peers without great imagery. I see google maps as my best option because it will show how these things I talk about truly affect my community. I truly want my peers to leave my presentation rethinking all the things that are present in their community. I want them to focus on the structure of their neighborhoods. The feedback I would look forward to hearing about is how I could inform others on looking past the environmental disadvantages in my community. ¬†

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