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Exhibits of Omar Viktor Diop

omar viktor diop

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This history of exhibition dates back to early 1700, it provides the exhibitor to allow good and services to be displayed to the public.  it provides an organized selection of items, to be shown to the public usually in a museum, gallery, or a park, library or world’s fair.  The British English terminology is a collection of items placed on display usually an open and close event to the public.  There are many facets of exhibits some of them are in forms of art, commercial, interpretive, digital and each one has the ability to display knowledge in one form or another.

While researching Omar Viktor Diop it was apparent he uses fashion design and photography as a form of exhibition, one of his first exhibits was called diaspora and he chose to address political concern throughout the years and re-enacted them on film.   With his other photoshoots, Omar chose to play with lots of bright colors and flashes of style, he prides himself on taking a risk.

Digital Technology has been integrated into museums. The integration of information technology into museums and archives has created opportunities for interactive and multimedia experiences. Many museums and galleries have extensive online resources that enhance the physical exhibits.

One of the known museums is the New-York historical society recently had a display of the Harry Potter: the history of magic, this is a combination of art and audiobook narration along with a visual display of the harry potter series.  This allows even the modest of fans to enjoy the experience on multiple levels.  The ability to display items in an exhibit gives consumers an advantage and appreciation to the effort of showing good and service.





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