DH Project Review


I selected database as my project topic because I honestly thought it would have been fairly easy. While researching I quickly discovered that there were differences between common entities I had no idea existed. Al though the differences was small, they still existed. Discovering this while completing my project made me curious. I found myself wanting more.

This project was aimed to accomplish  a better sense of DH and all what it has to offer.  DH is a topic not too many know about. What it entails ……and all that it has to offer. The projects objective was to teach us how broad DH can be. How unlimited it is. How great it is.

The targeted audience is the students. Why because it was assigned to us. Was it successful? I can only speak for myself. So speaking for myself then yes.  I gained from this project.

This can be biased.  But not intentionally. Not everyone has access to computers or the web.  So biased maybe against outside entities.  But to the students in the class no. I don’t think it limits ideas. It enhances ….it. It provides more research opportunities. I would recommend this class to everyone.  Not because my experience is great but because I would want to know what others get from this class.

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