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Steve Fadugba

Project 2 Reflection

  • Did completing this mapping assignment change how I understand Whitney? If so, how? If not, why not?

Whitney has always been a somewhat good writer in my eyes. Her poems was one of the first female poems that I have ever read. I admire the fact the she went against the grain and didn’t do as her counterparts by becoming and housewife or working in the kitchen. I admire the fact that she at a time in a very misogynistic era she pursued her passion in a male dominated field. This project did not change how I felt about Whitney. I always admired my assumed perspective of her character. This project just gave me knowledge on how to use google maps and awareness of various location in London. The mapping assignment just made me see Whitney as a kinder person than I didn’t really think she was. It was admirable when I found out that some of her last actions where charitable such as given to prisons.

  • What did I learn by completing this assignment that I could not have learned simply through reading the poems?

I learned about all of the locations in London that I would have not given a second thought if I had just read the poems. Holborn and Newgate are two places that I will reread now with a vivid description of what they represent. The poems are words we read with just our imagination and own perspective of what’s being read. This assignment emphasized digital humanities, which allowed me to use technology to find images that gave me actual images of what I was reading.


  • What did I learn about the digital humanities in this experience?

I can’t see education without the use of technology. Throughout my whole time doing this assignment, google was my best friend. I used google to bring light to anything I didn’t know. Its second nature for me to use this search engine to expose me to new things. Google maps is a fascinating way of understanding communities in which people live. I played around with the distance tracker on the map of London. I learned that there are so many avenues in understanding something such as close reading a poem and distance reading a poem with the help of digital humanities. People may say digital humanities is just a flashier way of standard education, nevertheless the flashier it is, the more of an impact it has in my memory. I feel like simply typing and looking up something online is a form digital humanities

  • What was my experience of using Google Maps? What were the challenges and how did I overcome them? What are the benefits and drawbacks to using a mapping software program like this?

This was my first experience using google maps. I felt like my mom trying to use a cell phone. I felt so out of place while trying to do this assignment. If not for that youtube video that you gave us with detailed instruction, I would have not completed this assignment. My challenges came from me thinking of myself as “tech savvy” and coming across something that was not similar to any of the past work that I have done. I overcame that challenged by repeatedly watching your videos until I got a solid grasp of this software. The benefits of using this map is that you can see all of the locations you want and pinpoint them. I love that you can constantly update your work without sending it to someone else. Also, sharing your work with people becomes ten times easier. A drawback is that people could be so caught up in the appearance of the map and not pay as much attention to the actual information it provides. Reading instructions is okay but actual watching does a lot more for me.

  • What would I change about this assignment to make it more relevant, informative, enjoyable, challenging, or interesting?

I believe that if this assignment was done on a location the students were very familiar with, it will resonate more. I think a poem based on various places in New York would have been very informative to me. It allows me to think more over of locations that I am in constant contact with. Google maps could be very interesting and challenging but what you are actually mapping out makes the difference. I feel like this assignment allowed me to see that Whitney has a deep connection and admiration for all places she listed.


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