Project 2

Embedding Your Map

Once you have completed your map and drafted your Project 2 reflection, you will want to create one single post that includes both the map and the reflection paper. Here is how to do this:

1. Go to mymaps.google.com and open the map you have created

2. Click on on the 3 dots next to your map’s title. Zoom in to where your points are, and “set default view.” This will make sure your map opens at the right spot.


3. Now click there again and select “embed on my site.” Note: you can only do this if your map is public. If it’s not, go to “share” first and set it to “public on the web.”


4. Copy ONLY the link between the quotes


 5. In your post, type the following code, replacing the URL with your link:

6. Done! Click publish to check that the code worked.

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