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Hello my is Arlene Springer.  My plan initially was to major in Human Resource Management.  Now I am not too certain. But because I haven’t completely decided on which direction I want to go, it’ll have to do for now. This is my second semester being a full-time student, yes second since graduating High School back in 99.  Why one might ask. Well because the idea of working full time and going to school full time have always put a special kind of fear in me. But because I believe in signs and wonders and the man above have been hitting me hard with signs. I had no choice but to walk in faith and not in sight. So here I am.



So, if you have not guessed by now. I am a spiritual person. I do not believe in religion but I do believe in God. Although I have reservations as to what to address the ultimate high as, God is the name we were taught to call him. There are many things that have been taught to me that I do not believe in. However  what I am certain about is that he moves mountains. And that one  will only believe when one encounters  him on a one to one. I  only account for my experiences and I can say that  he has never left me, not once.



Last but not least I figure I leave what many people do not know about me for last. I kick A in the gym. I lost over 90 lbs. Gained back a few but nonetheless I can still label that as an accomplishment. I found my strength in a loss and went running straight to the gym. I worked out five days a week and on the sixth day I namaste’d; if that is even a correct tense of the word namaste . In class I stated I only took this course because of the requirements for graduation,  I’m now beginning to think It will serve much a bigger purpose.


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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss, Arlene! Working and going to school full time is no small feat, but I’m glad you made a decision to invest in your education. Let’s see what more you can discover about your research and reading interests this term while we learn about DH.

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